About ShenzhenWare

Our Story

Shenzhen is the silicon valley of hardware. ShenzhenWare is the first and the most dynamic community for hardware innovators in China and across the world. 

Our founder and CEO Shining Hsiong, is a community leader, making great commitment to China developer community for more than 18 years, with 10 years working history in China's largest IT community CSDN.net, and 2 years working history in global renowned technical community InfoQ.com. Accumulate rich connections to the developers, ux designers, architects, project managers, technical leaders both in China and oversea. 

Early in 2013, Shining moved to Shenzhen from Beijing, discovering the hardware world is more interesting than that of software, however, hardware scaling is more linear than software, and hardware startups is totally not an easy venture. She started the new adventure by organizing weekly community events with the most active hardware innovators in Shenzhen, sharing the knowledge, practice, and insights of hardware innovation. 

The startup venture is named as ShenzhenWare, which means linking software and hardware. "Software is eating the world, and the world is hardware. You need both to make it smarter." Taking the advantages of both software and hardware, the community of ShenzhenWare grow very fast and become the key connector for the new hardware ecosystem, linking hardware innovators with solution providers, platforms, suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, and investors. 

ShenzhenWare got access to financing from Green Pine Capital Partners, Geek Founders, and SOS Ventures in 2015. 

Our Business

Media Report: We meet and talk with hardware innovators every day. We help them to tell stories of how they make product, and to share their experience and views on business and product innovation. We generate article report of founder stories, new product release, enterprise news, and deep industry analysis.

Community: We organize 300+ offline events in the past 3 years, and we run 100+ online groups to facilitate community learning. We accumulate 200+ opinion leaders and 20000+ community active members. We help the leading platform companies to co-run community events in different market segmentation. 

Conference: We organize WARE Conference on Hardware Innovations each year, attracting 1000~2000 attendees each year.  We co-organzize conference, summit, exhibition with leading enterprise and associations.

Accelerator: We run Hardware Founder Club, and launch accelerating programs with investors to source, select, and accelerate startup teams. 

Database: We build web database to facilitate people with enterprise membership to source companies, people, and articles.

Consulting: We provide consulting service for leading companies to link their industry resource with innovation. We also help growing companies to make long-term brand marketing plan.

Contact Information:

Website: shenzhenware.com

Official Wechat, facebook page: shenzhenware

For media report: media @ shenzhenware.com

Directly to CEO: shining @shenzhenware.com

WeChat: warexx

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